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我新入手一个PVS-14 ITT照像机适配器,觉的这是一个来测试比较不同的红外灯的绝B好机会。我测试了三种不同的红外灯源;神火SureFire的M952V双模,神火SureFire的M1的红外模式,还有

我新入手一个PVS-14 ITT照像机适配器,觉的这是一个来测试比较不同的红外灯的绝B好机会。



I picked up an ITT Camera Adapter for a PVS-14 so decided it would be a perfect opportunity to compare different infrared illuminators.

I tested three different IR illuminators; the new Surefire M952V dual mode weapon light, the Surefire M1 IR illuminator, and a borrowed AN/PEQ 2A infrared laser and illuminator and I compared them each at 2 different distances – 25ish and 50ish yards.

In retrospect I wish I had taken photos during the day to compare the distance under daylight, and I wish I had actually measured the distance. However, I didn’t so please don’t interpret this as a scientific analysis.

For those who care, the camera was a Canon T2i mounted on a tripod with a PVS-14 mounted to the stock kit lens. Each photo was taken under the Large setting.

Here is the setup I ran.

mg娱乐娱城官网4355 1

ITT PVS-14 Camera Adapter on Canon T2i with Stock 18-55mm Lens

mg娱乐娱城官网4355 2

25ish Yards

mg娱乐娱城官网4355 3

Surefire M952V at 25 yards.

mg娱乐娱城官网4355 4

Surefire M1 IR Illuminator at 25 yards.

mg娱乐娱城官网4355 5

AN/PEQ 2A on LOW at 25 Yards

mg娱乐娱城官网4355 6

AN/PEQ 2A on HIGH at 25 Yards

mg娱乐娱城官网4355 7

50ish Yards

mg娱乐娱城官网4355 8

Surefire M952V at 50 yards - notice how tight the spread is and how strong it is.(在50码的SureFire M952V,多TM牛B)

mg娱乐娱城官网4355 9

Surefire M1 Illuminator at 50 yards - notice how wide the spread is.

AP/PEQ 2A的效果太烂了,就没拍。

结论:神火Surefire M952V是最牛最亮最集中的,神火M1中间,AN/PEQ 2A没啥明显效果。



In conclusion; the Surefire M952V is the brightest and most concentrated, the Surefire M1 is in the middle, and the AN/PEQ 2A is barely noticeable outside – I am sure it would be noticeable once taken indoors.

These conclusions make sense – the M952V is a weapon light and thus has an objective to output a great deal of light to both help illuminate or blind a target. The Surefire M1 however was not designed as a weapon light but was instead developed for use more as an admin light than anything else. Given this – they both fit into their respective roles perfectly. Different tools in the toolbox..

As always; my background in this sort of thing is limited. These tests were conducted on an entirely flat area under perfect weather conditions – please keep that and my own lane in mind.